Chromium – Support for Flash stop's in April

For Linux users , there were always problems and issues with Adobe Flash. If you are a longtime user, you know what we're talking about. Apparently , from April Chromium ( the open source version of Chrome ) will no longer have support for Flash content , since Google will drop the development of the old plug-in ' Netscape Plugin API ' ( NPAPI ) used by Adobe Flash.
The NPAPI plugin has an old architecture, which allows unrestricted access to your computer , and is considered inefficient and unsafe. Google itself considers that it is " the leading cause of stops system failures and security incidents ." Google chose to develop in conjunction with the Adove 'Pepper Plugin API ' ( PPAPI ) , with a higher level security and high performance . The transition and total removal of the old code plugin NPPAPI , and introduction of the Pepper plugin was scheduled for all systems later this year. However, in next April is going to be launched Chrome/Chromium V34 on the Linux systems, with the new graphics engine ' Aura ', The new version does not support NPAPI Plugin and Pepper plugin is only available for Chrome. In this case, Chromium browser no longer have access to all flash content and others such as Silverlight , Google Earth and Facebook video .


It seems to us, that Google choose this strategy , to try attract more users to their  browser Chrome, whose strong point are the all flash contents and their derivatives.
Regarding Chromium, which as we found one of the best , if not the best available browser market , its developers will have to look for alternatives that can pass through working together with other browser 's or to  in community develop a free code pair bridging the failure scheduled for April.

In the Open-Source community, there are some alternatives to the proprietor of Adobe code, for instance the GNU began developing a few years ago, a player called Gnash SWF free software under the GNU General Public License ( GPL ). Another player is the GNU LGPL Swfdec. However , GNU does not provide financial support for any project .


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