CES 2014 Las Vegas - Panasonic & Firefox OS

Mozilla and Panasonic announced a ( non-exclusive ) partnered to deliver TVs with Firefox OS system. The new generation of Smart- TVs to be launched by the Japanese Company would be the first to come with the installed system.
For Panasonic , Firefox OS is the only truly open alternative, because the current alternatives are controlled by Apple and Google, and aren't viable due to the tightly controlled system. 

Firefox OS was released in 2013 for Smartphones and Tablets and focuses on applications made for Web using HTML5. The strategy involves leverage HTML5 and existing Web technologies used in PCs, smartphones and tablets, to implement the TVs more personalized and optimized access to content and services over the internet . Mozilla Web APIs for hardware control and operation will allow TVs to monitor and operate devices such as emerging smart appliances, inside and outside the home.With the LG presentation of the WebOS system implemented in their new smart TV , declares its ambitions to market for TV platform, and take a similar path as rival Panasonic .

Created by: Alfred F.