CES 2014 Las Vegas - Sony Now - Welcone to the future

Sony announces PlayStation Now, on-demand gaming service which in our opinion, is just what we will find in the future for gaming segment.
This service will run games on demand on the islands of the company, the Bravia TVs, PlayStation and Smartphones.
 According to the company, the system is almost ready and testing service will be launched later closed at the end of this month, and will be available to the general public (northern hemisphere) until the summer. To gain access to this service will be by payment made by individual play or through subscription. To access this service, you will have to pay for individual games or by subscription.

Well, what has this revolutionary service? - As will revolutionize how we access and how we play our favorite games. This service projects a future in which you just need an access point to the Web, be it a TV, desktop, tablet or smartphone, and why not by smartwatch to play and enjoy the game.
This service on demand the heavy processing is done "in the cloud" (on company servers around the globe) and delivered to the user. Thus, no need for lots of processing power in the user's equipment, which will allow TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones running games that would not be able to run locally.

For this service our thumbs up for the excellence, and commitment from Sony to stand out from their competitors.

Created by: Alfred F.