LaciOS 'Gil Eanes' - Fast, secure and a beautiful distro...

LaciOS 'Gil Eanes'  is a Debian-testing based operating system
 with XFCE desktop environment.

The project born as an idea shared in a forum related to GNU/Linux software in the Portuguese language community, called Linux & Companhia. The team involved in the development of the distribution, are essentially volunteers from Portugal and Brazil, which they offer their free time and knowledge in the benefit of the construction for this fantastic operating system.

This distribution is one of the pleasant, faster, and complete that we face for a XFCE desktop environment. With a very personalized environment from icons themes of they own design, to a variety of wallpaper's provided by community project. The level of software LaciOS offers is also, out of the box as shown below. 

One aspect we want to emphasize this distribution, is lightness and speed coupled with a very visually appealing system. As shown in the video, the distribution only spent about 350 Mb of ram, despite being recording by a Screencast tool, and run directly from the DVD.

LaciOS 'Gil Eanes'  is a reliable, stable, and we found a few minor bugs until now. It is a distribution to install on your PC, but we recommend at this time only to test in a virtual machine (Ex.VirtualBox ). The team of developers are committed to launch the final version as soon as possible, and then,  why not install it for your every day operating system, it's a fast, light, secure and a beautiful operating system...

Software Pre-Instaled
  • Firefox - Web Browser
  • Thunderbird - Email Client
  • Pidgin - Instant Messenger
  • XChat - Customer IRC
  • Libreoffice 4.1.4 - Office Suite
  • Orage - Calendar
  • Geany - Text editor and IDE for development
  • gThumb - Image Viewer and Organizer
  • Inkscape - Vector Editor
  • GIMP - Image and Photo Editor
  • Audacious - Music Player
  • VLC - Audio and Video Player
  • Xburn - CD and DVD burning tool
  • TypeCatcher - Search and Download Web Fonts
  • Xsane - Scanning Tool
  • Adove Flash Player

LaciOS Project Website:

Where to Download
LaciOS 'Gil Eanes' is available in 32bits and 64bits


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