17 January 2014

Open Source - Community continues to score points, now in an Italian province

In European countries, there's a generalized change regarding the type software used  in governments, and local administrations. Some countries are migrating to free software and open-source, saving in this area hundreds of thousands of Euros. 

Umbria one of the provinces of Italy, launched the LibreUmbria project, which has the ambition to migrate the entire apparatus of government structure, from the proprietary software MicrosoftOffice suite to open source software LibreOffice suite. 
Regional Directors announces, with this measure they estimated to save about 230 million Euros. This type of action by the regional government of Umbria, is not new, and goes back to the pre-financial crisis in 2006, which became the first Italian region to pass local legislation to explicitly promote non-proprietary software.

However, it is not the first case (nor the last) in European countries. In the German city of Munich, has implemented a complete transformation, adopting and developing a new Linux distribution, and also moved to LibreOffice suite to fill your office needs. The migration to free software proved once again, that brings enormous economic benefits, as they allegedly managed to save millions of Euros in the process.

Official website of LibreUmbria: www.libreumbria.it

Created by: Alfred F.

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