Patents War - BlackBerry Vs Typo

Patent war Blackberry
BlackBerry  Vs Typo keyboard
So what's the latest issue with patents?

Well a company called Typo want to put on market in the next few weeks a cover for the iPhone. This cover in addition to the normal protection that a case brings to a mobile device, also includes a complete and fully functional keyboard.
So far nothing wrong it looks a very nice gadget for iPhone, and Typo has everything to succeed whith this cover for iPhone. However BlackBerry, decided to prevent this release arguing that, the keyboard violates its patents related to BlackBerry's keyboards
, and the company commitment is such that it issued a statement on the oficial website which presents the case and their reasons for taking this position.
If you compare bouth keyboards, they share many similarities and both have QWERTY keyboard, but it will be sufficient reason to prevent its commercialization? - Yes, it is enough to BlackBerry and as in the statement, they will protect their intellectual property against any company that copy the unique design of BlackBerrys' iconic keyboard, but on the other hand, the company accept the copy of the keyboard whith a fair economic compensation.
And after all is an economic issue, that's all about money. Is common knowledge that the Canadian company is in serious financial trouble, and the monetary issue is on the agenda, so Blackberry's has in its patents and intellectual property one of its main source of income.
Let's wait and see what this new issue of patents will result, as for me the Typo will possibly arrive according to BlackBerry and give a fair monetary offset , thus avoiding doing exceptionally expensive and time-consuming procedures in courts, and we will soon have an innovative case with functional keyboard for iPhone.

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