PearOS - The last apple-flavored pear has disappeared !

Pear OS and Pear Cloud, a linux operating system that was in version '8', and a  free cloud storage service, is no longer available for download. It seems that is the end of the distribution.
According to its administrator David Tavares, the system is in the hands of a company with international renown well known, but for reasons of anonymity, the company does not want at the moment to be revealed. 
This sudden turn, indicates that the team until the date PearOs had been developing, had somehow a commercial purpose.

The question arises is, what's the point for all that believed in the project, and used this OS in their main PC, and also for all those who have contributed to this distribution, that made possible this level of recognition they had until today. In any case, we are concerned what reserves PearOS and strategic plan the company that owns, have for it, and also it will support the PearCloud services for who uses in a free software context ? - if the statement has some truth in it, what concerns the matter of being bought by a well known company...

Final Note
 The image that David Tavares is very negative for  the Linux community. A simple statement on the official page of the distribution, that announces the end of it, and he even announce "going in another direction ".  A very sad procedure from Mr. David Tavares.

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