28 January 2014

Users data from Angry Birds and Google Maps are being spied from NSA & GCHQ

Is now known that a partnership between U.S. NSA, and Britain's GCHQ to spy data from the mobile segment is taking place since 2007, but recent years have been the wealthiest in terms of information.
According to more documents revealed by Edward Snowden, secret agencies use information collected on apps considered vulnerable groups such as, games or those that allow the sharing of photos and location. For example, the NSA can collect data on age, passing places, addresses and contact details, and more, only with the analysis of the use of an app.
Is known that the NSA can collect information from Angry Birds or Google Maps.


The surveillance agencies are quite satisfied with the proliferation of apps that "provide" easy access to user data. Most data collected by agencies are provided with the agreement of the user who accepts the terms and conditions at time of installation of the app. Angry Birds, for example, collects the data of the largest users of age to build player profiles.

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