Video-games, chance to check - China, a good opportunity to peek

China, a country with one of the biggest global economic growth, but it is not possible to buy a foreign game console, at least in the legal market. A few days ago, in one of the latest information was conveyed by the government through the official website, the sales ban will be suspended. 

The same does not give details on the timetable for lifting the ban, but it was already explained that the opportunity given to foreign companies to sell their consoles in the Chinese market is linked to the possibility of making the free trade zone of Shanghai. The devices produced there can reach the Chinese stores after inspected by the cultural department.

The sale of foreign video-games was banned in China in 2000, justifying the use of the platforms could have adverse effects for young people. However, the game market in China, despite restrictions has had a growth of around 30 % in 2012 , and generate revenue at around 14 billion dollars last year.
For companies like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and even Valve is an excellent opportunity to enter the Chinese market ( if that is the will ) in the segment of gaming consoles, and conquer their share of the market increasing their profits in end of the year.

Created By: Alfred F.