Clementine OS - Update

Clementine OS project has not been bought by developers Clementine Player, and also has no connection with them.
The information released on February 3 was wrong, and which we present our apologies for the fact that this information has led to the misunderstanding of our readers. The item has been removed from our post's, and we restore the truth of this project 

After all, the project Clementine OS is an attempt of a fan of the of the extinct PearOS, which intends to make a similar or the same as PearOS system. 
The fan is called "Brenden Gonzalez," and on is Google+ page features its intention to make a fork of PearOS, and also asks for help to the development of the supposed project. 

Again we apologize for the incorrect information that did pass, and from now on we will check more carefully all the information given by our sources.