12 February 2014

Geary Email Client - Overview of the best email client

Geary is a fast, lightweight email reader to let you read your email quickly and effortlessly.

It's my main email client, and I'm using for some time, i think since version 0.2. In those times, Geary supported only one email account and basically received and sent emails. Now, Geary is more mature and has some adds implemented, such as multiple account, and a account search bar.
In Linux, we have several email clients available like, Thunderbird, Evolution, Kmail but they all have an old fashioned interface, which sometimes can feel heavy to work with them. Also they trend to run slowly on older hardware. 

Geary brought to the Linux community a breath of fresh air, with the interface based on conversations styling and large message previews that give you a good sense of whether or not you're going see, and just click from message to message to access the wanted email. Geary supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others. Also have per-account searching, auto-saving of draft emails and a built-in security tool that checks outgoing links for malicious content.
In the road map for Geary, is planed to integrate a calendar and PGP support, and also a contact book, between other implementations and improvements.

The team is behind this great project is the Yorba Foundation, the same team who wrote and developed Shotwell. At the moment they are focusing on developing Geary because very recently, they dropped the Shotwell development in detriment of Geary. But is not all lost for Shotwell, because ElementaryOS team wanted to fork Shotwell, and rebrand as Phanteon Photos. 

Technical Specs

Geary is written in Vala, is designed to integrate with the GNOME desktop, and is completely free. It runs on Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch and other free operating systems.
The last release of Geary is 0.4.3, and is available to install directly from the repositories of you main Linux distribution.

Pro and Con
  • Pro
    • Develop team "Yorba Foundation"
    • Has been a constant development
    • Has regular updates 
    • Stable
    • User Friendly
    • Elegant interface
    • Fast synchronisation with email provider ( extreme fast )
    • Open-Source
    • Free 
  • Con
    • Do not have a calendar 
    • Missing a contact book 
Digitallofice Rating
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Geary's Official Website