iPhone 6 - New two models and will have a different name

Rumors talk about, that Apple will launch this year two new iPhone models, with sizes greater than those currently applied in the technological device: a version of 4.7''  and one 5.6''.
These rumors aren't new, there is another unconfirmed information that stands out - the greatest device will not call iPhone .

It seems that the larger device will have a different name, but it is an experience from Apple to see how market responds to this segment sources.
The 5.6'' model would be the one that would also come equipped with sapphire glass, which would ensure a resistance to shocks and risks screen above average . The 4.7'' model come equipped with traditional Gorilla Glass .

But as has already been proven at other times, sometimes companies manufacture test models that are never commercialized equipment, rumors of new giant iPhone ( iPhone or not ),  this may be one such example.

At the end, this is only about rumors, and rumors are only just rumors.