6 February 2014

Liferea - One of the best News Feed Aggregator for Linux Systems

In this article we give an overview to Liferea application.
The application name comes from an abbreviation for Linux Feed Reader,
and it's an application aggregator for online news feed.

Liferea is lightweight and has a user friendly interface, which you only need a few steps to install new feeds into the application. Incorporated to Liferea is a web browser, which can be either Mozilla / Firefox / xulrunner or gtkhtml, and on a newer versions, Webkit. The browser allows you to read the news feed directly on the very pages, which for us, it is very practical and useful add-on for this excellent application. You can also configure to open the feeds in many predefined external browsers like, Firefox, Chromium/Chrome, Opera, Midori, Epiphany. Liferea also allow synchronizing against 3rd party services as TinyTinyRSS and TheOldReader.

Liferea supports the major feed formats such as...
  • CDF
  • OCS
  • Atom
  • OPML
  • and also Podcasting
Liferea compatibility...
  • Gnome Desktop
  • Unity
  • Cinnamon
  • Mate
  • XFCE
  • LXDE
  • Phanteon desktop
Liferea is available in...
  • Ubuntu, and derivatives
    ( But itsn't the latest version )
    • To install the lastest version ( 1.10 ), press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal and follow the steps below to download and install them
    • Just copy and paste on the terminal, and run commands below one by one
      • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:liferea/liferea-unstable
      • sudo apt-get update
      • sudo apt-get install liferea
  • Debian, and derivatives
  • Arch Linux, and derivatives
  • Fedora, and derivatives
  • Mageia / OpenMandriva
  • OpenSuse
How to...

Add a new feed in Liferea
  • Click with your right mouse button on the subscription menu ( left side menu)
  • Select the add subscription 
  • Enter the URL of the feed
  • Let Liferea do it the rest
Automatically install news feed from Firefox ( any version )
  • Click in the menu
  • Click in preferences
  • Go to Applications menu
  • On the right side of News Feed menu, click and select: use other

    ( Will pop up a new window to choose where to apply, in Ubuntu / Debian systems,this is usually located at: /usr/bin/liferea-add-feed )
  • On the new window, search for liferea-add-feed, and click
    Thats it, for now on, when you click on a news feeds link or icon, this automatically install in the Liferea

Final Notes
For us,  is the best news feed aggregator now available for linux systems. It's free, lightweight, fast, efficient and practical to use, try and see for yourself the excellence of this tool ...