Manjaro Linux - Another small step towards to the 1.0 edition

Image/Logo: Manjaro Forum


Philip Müller leading developer of Manjaro project, announced in the official blog the release of Manjaro 0.8.9 Edition.

This weekend, precisely on Sunday 23rd, Manjaro team took one more small step towards to 1.0 Edition, by release 0.8.9 Edition of its operating system based on Arch-Linux, available in XFCE (which is the flagship of Manjaro), KDE and OpenBox (ManjaroBox) flavours.

Image: Manjaro Blog

One of the main innovations that the version submitted, was the  'Turbulence' tool, which appears as a welcome window on first use, and allows the user to change the wallpaper in KDE and OpenBox, modify the theme in KDE, amongst other functions.
The team chose to present 2 versions of XFCE, Premium and Minimal. The Premiun version come whith a collection of applications, that allows the user to have a ready to use operating system. The Minimal version comes with only the core software packages, with an ISO able to fit on a CD, but allows the user to build a system to is own image.
Image: Manjaro Blog

In community editions, the main references are the  Netbook Edition and LXDE distributions, that become available in the Manjaro servers. The Gnome, Cinanon and Mate editions, had some improvements at the level of the artwork, and as available the latest packages of Manjaro Linux.

Image: Manjaro Blog