Manjaro OpenBox Edition RC4 released

In this Manjaro OpenBox 4th release candidate, sees Xorg-Server downgrade to 1.14.5 to fix some issues that is hading with current xorg-stack.

This downgrade will also affect XFCE RC3 Edition. The develop team announced, that in this version of OpenBox was built with lots of community input.

Main Changes
  • Linux310 3.10.30 
  • Xorg-server 1.14.5 
  • Updated Turbulence(See below) 
  • Evodark & evolight wallpapers 
  • DarknessFall theming 
  • Multiple desktops 
  • Tint2 updated 
  • New conky (LSD) with Manjaro theming 
  • Manjaro green mouse hovers 
  • Out of the box with browser support (Midori) 

Turbulence Features
  • Sleek gray graphical layout 
  • Provides information of Manjaro to new users 
  • Can allow the user to easily select which Folders he wants in his home directory 
  • Allows users to select which theme they want for Kwin (KDE) 
  • Allows users to select which wallpaper they want (KDE/Openbox) 
  • Allows users to chose where to place your tint2 panel (Openbox) 
  • Can also allow people to open system settings after they’ve ran through everything else to set any last minute details 
  • Turbulence allows OpenBox to ship lean, (but not too lean, it’s fully functional right out of the box, including network support with Midorl preinstalled.) 
  • And allows the user to customize their new installation from an easy to use GUI.