1 February 2014

SparkyLinux launched the 'XFCE' Edition

SparkyLinux has increased their offer in Debian-base distributions. They has just release Sparkylinux 3.2.1 XFCE edition, base on their last release 3.2 "Annagerman", and fully compatible with Debian testing "Jessie". 

So, what have Sparky have to offer in this new edition? - First, this release comes with 3.12 Linux Kernel, a fully customised Plymouth with Sparky theme, and all applications and tools from SparkyLinux spins on a lightweight  XFCE 4.10 desktop. As mentioned in the announcement page, Whisker menu is pre-installed but it's not the main menu, you going to found it on the XFCE panel in applet box. 

Final Notes
If you are looking for a very secure, fast and stable operating system with a full open-source software pre-instaled, this is a distro to considered have as everyday use. If you are a 'Windows XP' daily user, and whant to change to a linux distribution, you may have to getting used to the kind of software that comes pre-installed.
To us, the SparkyLinux project is more and more interesting, and we will surely follow the next steps of this community.

SparkyLinux Homepage: http://sparkylinux.org/
SparkyLinux release announcement: http://sparkylinux.org/sparkylinux-3-2-1-xfce/
SparkyLinux XFCE Edition download page: http://sparkylinux.org/download/

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