7 February 2014

Springseed - Organise your Notes in a elegant, pratical, and user friendly application


Today we introduce Springseed . What is about with this app? 
Well, this is one more application for taking notes.

Yes, taking notes ... OK , but what is different in this app ? - First, it is kinda like the known and famous Evernote, but still have to much work ahead to reach the same level, and the many functions that Evernote had ( however, Evernote until now don't have an official app for Linux distros ).
Springseed is a "standalone" application running on top of Node.js, that organises your notes in a fairly practical and user friendly way, on a very elegant interface. One Extra that gives this application something to keep on eye, is the automatic synchronisation with your Dropbox account. This function allows you, easy access to other equipment that you have installed Springseed, or if your office dispose several computers than it can share notes with each other. At this time , and as the team mentions (we'll talk about them later), this is only available for Ubuntu 12.04 and beyond,  but not opposing team who develops the app , we have a machine with Manjaro 0.8.8, and we installed Sprindseed in this Arch environment. We think, it will install in Debian distros too, but we never tried on a Debian PC.
The team that is behind the design and development is "CAFFEINATED CODE", the same one that released "Nitro", so expect a excellent app for your personal use. Is proposed by the team, which is working in the sense that in the near future, the application be available on multiple platforms including Mac, and Windows releases. Will also be adding customisation options, more services and more sync options organisation.

Pro and Con
  • Pro
    • Devolop team "CAFFEINATED CODE"
    • User Friendly
    • Elegant interface
    • Automatic synchronisation with Dropbox
    • Open-Source
    • Free 
  • Con
    • We detected a delay on initiation of the app
    • Some issues, with the edit notes link
    • Still in development, has some work
    • Is only available for Ubuntu (which is not bad), but needs to be available in other environments (why not Android ?)
    • Very little information on the page of Springseed
    • Support it's only a email link
Digitallofice Rating
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Springseed's Official Website: http://getspringseed.com/

Springseed is available for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures

Depending on the your architecture, click on respective Link to Download
In case installing this application, install at your own risk. We disclaim any responsibility inherent to the same.