Tanglu release - 1.0 Aequorea Victoria

Tanglu has reached version 1.0 Aequorea Victoria. In KDE and Gnome Flavours

As announced in the official webpage , the Tanglu team mentions that after a period of development, Tanglu rebuilt the project, formed a small but efficient team, and reached version 1.0 with the name "Aequorea Victoria".
Matthias Klumpp Tanglu is the leader of the project, a mention on the  announcement page that, despite being a Debian Testing distribution, they introduced some improvements, removed packages which were not needed in the default Debian, to ensure a distribution with  to more access to the newest software, but also give a simple, elegant work environment for the common user.
In this 1.0 version, also implemented (as so much spoken in the social media of the area) "systemd", that, with this integration will help Debian to make the transition to this system start-up.

Tanglu is available in two flavours

  • KDE 4.11 - at the moment is the project main focus
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  • Gnome 3.10 (preview) - in this this flavor, they have lack of developers to develop and give full support to this desktop environment 
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
Tanglu's Official Website: http://tanglu.org/
Tanglu's Download website: http://tanglu.org/en/download/