Calligra 2.8 Released

Source: Calligra
The Calligra team announce in their official website,
 the release of version 2.8 of the Calligra Suite.

This version is the result of thousands of commits which provide new features, polishing of the user experience and bug fixes. 

Source: Calligra
The Calligra Suite, is part of the applications from the KDE community.

There are also some general improvements in all apps. It is now possible to copy and paste any shape between any documents in Calligra applications. Moreover, copying and pasting of images and rich text is now more advanced.
To find all about this new release, just follow the link bellow.

  • Development status: Active
  • Last update: 2014/06/03
  • Latest Version: 2.8
  • License: GPL v3
  • Written in: C++ (Qt, KDE Platform)
  • Cost: Free
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