Guayadeque ... While unknown, it is one of the best music players of today

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Today, we take a overview of this fairly lightweight music player, which is at the level of the best for Linux systems.
By habit, I always listen to music or a podcast when I'm at the computer. For this reason, I give a great importance to quality, and the different features that the music player will have to possess.
At the moment I have two players installed on my system, Guayadeque and Clementine Player. I have both for different reasons, one is focus on cloud approach (Clementine), and the other for playing and organising my music files. I know that one was enough, but Guayadeque it is much lighter and consumes much less resources from the processor . This is a very important issue, for everyone that owns a machine with a few years, as is my case. But, for those who have a newer machine, it is nevertheless a player to take into account, the features and flexibility makes it able to compete with the best existing music players for Linux systems.
Source: Guayadeque
According to the Gayadeque's official page, the project leader is the self-proclaimed "anonbeat", along with a small community has the job of the project development. Curiously, the Wikipedia page in English version, the name of the author, and programmer is Juan Rios.

The Interface

If you are waiting for an advanced appearance, with a modular and modern look, then you'll be disappointed. Guayadeque has a simple interface, but complete and comprehensible which allows user to customize it.

Source: Guayadeque

  • Automatic album-cover fetching
  • Support for embedded ID3v2 album images
  • ReplayGain support
  • Support for multiple artist and performer tags per song
  • A system tray icon
  • Plugin support
  • Translations into many languages
  • Player Controls
  • The Equalizer
  • Now Playing Playlist
  • Player Filters
  • Library
  • Radio
  • Lyrics
  • Playlists
  • Browser
  • File Browser
  • Podcasts
  • Jamendo
  • Magnatune
  • AudioScrobble ( & )
  • Portable Media Devices support
  • Track Editor
  • Cover Downloader
  • Label Editor
  • Save to Playlist
Supported file types
  • mp3
  • ogg
  • oga
  • flac
  • m4a
  • m4b
  • mp4
  • M4P
  • AAC
  • APE
  • AIF
  • MPC
  • WV
  • TTA
  • wav
  • wma
Support multiple music collections
  • Capacity to create, and manage large collections of music stored in different places

Advanced features

  • Ability to record a track in reproduction 
  • Record while listening to online radio broadcasts 
  • Configure the recordings are stored 
  • Choose the recording format with the quality
Guayadeque splits tracks when the tags are received in the stream and file names according to the tags, but also allows you to delete tracks. This allows you to automatically delete ads, and other content within a collection.

State of the development

  • Active

Pro and Con

  • Pros 
    • Fairly light, 
    • Have regular updates 
    • Stable 
    • Intuitive interface 
    • Ability to handle large volumes of files 
    • Open-Source 
    • Free 
  • Cons 
    • Still in development 
    • Lack of integration with the available in Cloud services



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Available for the following systems

  • Ubuntu, and derivatives systems 
  • Debian, and derived systems 
  • Arch, and derivatives systems 
  • Gentoo Linux, and derivatives systems 
  • Mageia Linux 
  • Fedora Linux, and derivatives systems

How to install on Ubuntu and derivatives systems

( 11.10 / 12.04 / 12.10 /13.04 / 13.10 ..::.. 32-bit and 64-bit )

The Guayadeque is available in the repositories (version 0.3.5). One way to install it through the Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Just open the Software Center, and write in the search bar - guayadeque
Another way is through the command line in terminal
For a flawless installation, press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open the terminal. Then copy (Ctrl + C) command lines given below one by one, and then paste (Ctrl + V) into terminal. (Give the order of execution by pressing the enter key)
  • sudo apt-get install guayadeque
But if you want to install the latest available version (0.3.7) install the following command lines. 
For a flawless installation, press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open the terminal. Then copy (Ctrl + C) command lines given below one by one, and then paste (Ctrl + V) into terminal. (Give the order of execution by pressing the enter key)
  • sudo apt-add-repository ppa: anonbeat/guayadeque 
  • sudo apt-get update 
  • sudo apt-get install Guayadeque

How to install on Debian and derivatives systems

  • sudo apt-get install guayadeque

How to install on Arch and derived systems 

  • yaourt-S guayadeque 

We suggest that the visit official website for help to install on your system Guayadeque 

Official page of Guayadeque:

A Curiosity

Guayadeque is a natural park in Spanish island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). It was established in 1987 and has an area of ​​1203 ha.
Source: Wikipedia