SparkyLinux 3.3 “Annagerman” released

Source: SparkyLinux
SparkyLinux 3.3 “Annagerman” is out, for LXDE, 
Razor-Qt and e17 desktop environments.

SparkyLinux team announced on their official website, the 3.3 version of this Debian based distro. This last release brings a new ISO, a new graphical installer, the new Sparkylinux repositories, between several upgrades,  and improvements.

SparkyLinux new release, is available for download, or update for the LXDE, Razor-Qt and e17 desktop environments, e soon will be available for all desktops environments.

Source: SparkyLinux

Main changes, and Updates
  • New ISO image
  • All packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2014/03/04
  • New SparkyLinux default repository
  • New installer forked from LMDE/SolydXK (no support for EFI yet)
  • New wallpaper ‘Strange Nature’ by Sakasa + artwork of Grub,
  • Plymouth + sparky-plymouth-theme
  • Plymouth and installer based on the wallpaper
  • New, and refreshed logo
New applications and tools
  • Boot-repair
  • Truecrypt
  • uGet + Aria2
  • Iceowl plugin for Icedove mail client
  • Hotot-Gtk
  • Sparky-eraser
  • Truecrypt & Sparky-Eraser
  • Sparky-wine

Source: SparkyLinux


  • Development status
    • Active 
  • Based
    • Debian Testing - Jessie
  • Desktop environments:
    • LXDE
    • Razot-QT
    • Mate
    • Enlightenment
    • OpenBox
    • XFCE
  • CPU's Architecture
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  • Cost
    • Free

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