Remember the SeaMonkey Project? - They just released the 2.25 beta2 edition

Source: SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey 2.25 Beta 2 is now available for free download, on the SeaMonkey website.

First of all, if you have never had contact, or never heard of this application, SeaMonkey it's an cross-platform suite of applications with, a web browser (SeaMonkey Navigator), an e-mail and news client program (SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups, an HTML editor (SeaMonkey Composer) and an IRC client (ChatZilla).

Source: SeaMonkey

The SeaMonkey suite, is develop by the SeaMonkey Council wich is a community-driven development. However, the SeaMonkey suite was once part of the sphere of the Mozilla Foundation, but in March 2005 they announced that the Mozilla's team of developers were being focused on the standalone applications Firefox and Thunderbird, and they would no longer launch SeaMonkey Suite official releases. To see all the historical moments, just click on Wikipedia link, on the end of this page.

Source: SeaMonkey
In this new release will contain the major changes relative to SeaMonkey 2.24, and also will have several new improvement on platform.

SeaMonkey Main Changes
  • Newsgroup names can now be entered using autocompletion.
  • See the changes page for a more complete overview.
  • Mozilla platform changes
  • The Gamepad API has been finalized and enabled (learn more).
  • VP9 video decoding has been implemented.
  • Support for Opus in WebM was added.
  • Volume control for HTML5 audio/video has been added.
  • Mac OS X Notification Center support has been added for web notifications.
  • Support for spdy/2 has been removed.
  • Support for multi-line flexbox in layout has been added.
  • Support for the MathML 2.0 mathvariant attribute has been added.
  • Background thread hang reporting has been added.
  • Fixed several stability issues.

Main Features
  • Development status
    • Active 
  • Written in
    • C++, XUL, XBL, JavaScript
  • Platform
    • Gecko
  • Operating systems
    • Linux
    • OS X
    • Windows
  • Releases
    • Stable - 2.24
    • Latest - 2.25
  • CPU's Architecture
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
  • License
    • Mozilla Public License
  • Cost
    • Free
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