4 March 2014

The elementaryOS team, has more than $ 2,000 to give ...

Source: eOS Website

eOS team offers over $2,000 to speed up the process of bug fixes

It was announced today on the eOS official webpage, that due the increasing popularity, and because they are the preferred distribution for a number of more, and more people, consequently sees also increase the list of bugs in the operating system team.

According to Daniel Fore, until now there are about 2 700 bug reports. Some of them are easy to fix, but there are also more complex, and only people with the highest technical level skills, has the capacity to fix.

Source: debiantART - Fabian Inostroza

Since the distribution don't have a source of consistent, and considerable revenue, the project finds itself unable to hire a team of professional developers, to speed up the process of fixing bugs, and also help in the develop the operating system. However, the team found a way to overcome this problem through the Bountysource community.

The process is quite simple. The team will post regularly on Bountysource comunity, the bugs that they think are the most important to fix, and the developer claims the bug launched , fix it, and claim the prize that the project has earmarked. The only setback, is that they have to be registered on the Bountysource community, to be able to join the initiative.  But, it can be easily overcome by simply making the registration in Bountysource.

Source: Bountysource

If you are professional programmer, or if you have any programming skills, see all about this initiative by the eOS team, in this link.

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