2 March 2014

Cubuntu 14.04 Lts - A complete Ubuntu sensation ...

Source: Cubuntu

Ubuntu 100% Remastered  
with Unity + Cinnamon  + Gnome Classic + 100 add-ons
Version 14.04 LTS

Last version of Cubuntu 14.04Lts was released today. If you've never heard of this distribution, it is time to start taking into account, since Cubuntu is the deluxe edition of the biggest free operating system  the world ... Ubuntu
The Cubuntu distro, is a distribution of French developers, and is based on Ubuntu 14.04Lts. This edition is only available for 64-bit architecture processors.
Obviously at this stage 14.04Lts Ubuntu is still in development, and consequently we not advised to install on a every day use PC. But, if you whant to test and check the excellence of this operating system, please do it in a virtual machine, or in a old PC. The live CD comes in French, but after installation you can switch languages ​​by the application Language Support.
Source: Cubuntu
This is not a Ubuntu derivative distribution like, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, or Lubuntu. The project's priority is to give the user a pure experience of Ubuntu, maintained the features of the original version, but made ​​it a much desirable experience for the user, including by default the best applications and software that Linux have to offer.

One of the features which we find in this distribution is, option to choose between several desktops, which comes pre-installed. 
Unity, Cinnamon, and Gnome Classic comes by default, and the user can choose at the login (pictured above), or can make the change easily and quickly in the workplace itself (in picture below). Just click with the right side button in the mouse in the pre-set icon, and choose the desired desktop.

Source: Cubuntu
The distribution is ideal for the user, that wants a system ready to use with all applications and codecs installed.

Source: Cubuntu

In this edition we will find a set of applications, that don't come by default in Ubuntu software package, such as:
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Geany 
  • Radiotray 
  • skype 
  • Vlc 
  • Audacity 
  • Pitivi 
  • Tweak 
  • Filezilla 
  • synaptic 
  • gparted 
  • Spotify
  • Cheese
  • Feedindicator (RSS Reader) 
  • Deezer + (Extensão Chrome) 
  • Speak-IT (Extensão para falar no Chrome) 
  • Unity-Tweak-tool
  • Ubuntu-Tweak

Source: Cubuntu

Also, included by default,  Nvidia graphics support, Java support, Flash Adove, Mp3, Divx, mp4, aac and other multimedia codecs

Source: Cubuntu

Technical Specs
  • Base - Ubuntu 14.04Lts 64-bit (under development)
  • kernel 3.13.13
  • Unity 7
  • Cinnamon 2.0
  • Gnome Classic
  • License: GPL
  • Last Update: 2014/02/03
Where to Find
As the pages are in French, we advise that you use Chrome or Chromium, for automatic translation.
In case installing this distro, install at your own risk.
We disclaim any responsibility inherent to the same.

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