10 March 2014

Week en revue - 10th Week

The Summary of the 2014, 10th week

This week, was marked primarily by updates both for software as Linux distributions.
In the Linux software area, the Calligra suite and the nVidia Linux drives updating, are the most highlighted of the week. On Linux distros world, our main focus is the Manjaro 0.8.9 packages upgrading, which was released  (Manjaro 0.8.9) just over two weeks ago.

Source: Calligra

We also liked to point out, that during the week several desktop environments received upgrades, and performance improvements. Our choice, will be the new releases of Enlightenment window manager. The choice is based on the commitment and speed, that the team want to show in the development of their window manager.

Source: Enlightenment
Enlightenment was stalled for development about 12 years. It started in December 2000 until 21 December 2012, when finally Enlightenment 1.7 was officially presented to the world as a stable release. Now, as we announced in our blog, they are already working  in Enlightenment 1.10.

Source: Cubuntu
Regarding the blog of the Digitallofice, the highlighted is the release of Cubuntu 14.04Lts. Our article choice, is due to the fact of being an unaltered distribution of Ubuntu, but with the addition of out of box applications and codecs, so that the user only need to install, and use an complete operating system.

Last, but not the least, in honor to the International Day of Women, the theme for the weekly line "7 Wallpapers to Share" was totally devoted to Women. It's a small, and simple tribute, but we didn't want to leave this special date, without our tribute to all Women.  Make sure you visit our tribute, and feel free to leave your comment. Just follow the link.

The app's and releases, are the ones that we considered the most highlighted of the week.

What has been published, over here
Latest Linux software - distros

Distros realeases
  • Manjaro 0.8.9 update
  • ArchBang 2014.03.04 released
  • Linux Mint LMDE 201403
  • Caixa Magica 21
  • Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 alpha
  • Sparkylinux 3.3 update
  • Cubuntu 14.04Lts
Software updates
  • Tor
  • Pulse Audio 2.0
  • qBittorent 3.1.9
  • Evolution 3.12 beta2
  • nVidia Linux driver - 331.49 / 334.21
  • Youtube-dl 2014.03.04.2
  • Dropbox 2.7.41
  • Calligra Office Suite 2.8.0
  • Blender 2.7.0 rc1
  • Converseen 0.6.8
  • Owncloud 6.0.2
Desktop Environments
  • Mate Desktop 1.8
  • Enlightenment 1.9 beta2
  • Gnome 3.12 beta2
  • KDE 4.13 beta1
  • XBMC Media Center 13 Beta 1


Did you know ...

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could be made a "bridge" that would give twice the distance from Earth to the Moon

Did you know ...

CDs were designed to hold 72 minutes of music,
because this is the length of the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven.

Did you know ...

Microsoft spends more time answering calls
 from users with problems than to produce their programs.