Week en Revue... Week 9

THE SUMMARY OF  2014 WEEK 9  - 2014W9

In this article, we going to mention what was the most relevant events, releases,  and some curiosity's.

This week was rich in events, much due to the MWC - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona-Spain, with many new features in mobile technology. The conference had as its main highlight, the launch of new Galaxy S5, and numerous new accessories for personal use as watches and smart bands / bracelets.

During the week, were released several alpha and beta versions of Linux distributions, which we emphasize the OpenMandriva alpha2 release. This distribution is based on the distribution of Russian origin, Rosa Linux, which in turn is a fork of Mandriva Linux. This (Mandriva Linux) was one of the most influential distributions for the Linux community.

In the Ubuntu sphere, the main highlight is the appearance of the 1st prototypes at MWC. Meizu , and bq will be the first to introduce Ubuntu Touch to the market. Also, was released the beta 1 for the Ubuntu flavors for the next Trusty Tahr.

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We also started a new line today "week en revue". This new line will be released weekly on Sundays, and we will disclose the main news, events and releases related to Linux and open-source world, of the week. We hope it's pleases you, and as always, we are open to your comments or suggestions.

The events and the news were so many, we will only mention those which for us were, the most highlighted this week.

What over here, has been published

MWC - Mobile World Congress
  • Presentation of the new range of smartphones, tablet's and band / bracelet fitness from Huawei
    • Talkband B1
    • Ascend G6
    • Media Pad X1
    • Media Pad M1
  • Presentation of the new range of smartphones from ZTE
    • Grand Memo II
    • Open C 
  • Presentation of the new range of smartphones and tablet Lenovo's 
    • S660
    • S860
    • S880
    • Yoga Tablet 10
  • Presentation of the new range of Sony Xperia 
    • Xperia Z2
    • Xperia Z2 Tablet
  • Presentation of the new Android smartphones from Nokia
    • Nokia X
    • Nokia X+
    • Nokia XL 
  • Presentation of smartphome of Firefox for 25 Dollars 
  • Presentation of the HTC Desire 816 
  • Presentation of the Samsung Galaxy 
    • Galaxy Gear 2
    • Gear Neo
    • Galaxy S5 
  • Presentation of the new range of Blackberry smartphones
    • Z3
    • Q20
  • Presentation of the prototype YotaPhone 2 
  • First contact with prototypes of Ubuntu smartphones

Release of Linux distros
  • Slackel 4.10,5 beta1 KDE
  • AV Linux 6.0.3
  • Tiny Core 5.2 ( picore )
  • Salix 14.1-rc2 XFCE
  • Saiu a versão beta1 do 14.04Lts, para distribuições da esfera Ubuntu
    • Kubuntu
    • Xubuntu
    • Lubuntu
    • Ubuntu Gnome
    • Ubuntu Studio
    • Edubuntu
    • Ubuntu Kylin
  • OpenMandriva 2014.0 - Alpha2
  • Arch 2014.03.01


Did you know ...

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Did you know ... 

The first computer virus was created in 1972 by Robert Thomas Morris, and was called with the name Creeper. The affected computer was an IBM 360 series.