Canonical is shutting down Ubuntu One...

Ubuntu One cloud services has the days counted ... 
Canonical will close the cloud service this year at 1st June 

Canonical is going to target its financial and development resources to the operating system, and for this reason Ubuntu one will be closed on 1st June.

For those who use this excellent service provided by Canonical, like me, don't stop thinking that this is another shot in the foot by Canonical. To me, one of the main factors that weighed for choose Ubuntu OS as my everyday system, was the cloud service from Canonical.
Like me, many regret the decision of the company that develops Ubuntu, but as announced in the statement, the decision is irreversible.

Ubuntu One services will not be included in the next release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and the services will be unavailable from 1 June 2014, but the user content will remain available for download until 31 July, at which time it will be deleted.
From today on, is no longer possible to purchase storage or music from the Ubuntu One store.

Canonical Announcement