5 April 2014

Netrunner launched their first rolling release version

Source: Netrunner

Netrunner released the first version of a Rolling Release model,
with KDE desktop environment.

From now on, Netrunner will provide alongside its standard / major release a version based on Arch, more specifically, will use Manjaro repositories in combination with its own repository KDE to provide a greater experience. 

Source: Netrunner

With the launch of their first version of this rolling release, Netrunner Arch wants to offer an system that is more directed to a more demanding user, who wants more bleeding edge software with the benefit of not having to switch bases between releases.

It is very likely that we are witnessing a turning point in the Bluesystem options. It's very probable, that at this very moment Netrunner is taking the first steps to replace Ubuntu as base, and turn to a system based on Arch, and not necessarily with the Manjaro repositories.

At the moment it's only available the 32-bit version for downloading, the 64-bit version  will be available very soon for download.

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