Firefox Extensions... This week we change the look!

The most useful extensions for Firefox web-browser.

Today we are showing the "The Fox, Only Better"

This extension it's for those using Firefox 29 or later versions, they are coming with Australis as the main theme. This extension brings a bit of Glamour, to an already great fox browser!

First you need to know that, this extension still is under development, and as the developer mention in the brief description, it has plans to improved and add more features to "The Fox"
"The development of this add is only to be started now . I'm planning to add several new features over time , the majority are personal preferences for how to improve the feel of using the browser . Feel free to make a suggestion , if there is something specific that you are looking for , please tell me if this place has something extra , I'll add it willingly. I only ask that you use the contact methods listed above , so I have a way to contact you back you need !"
In short, what improvements brings this extension?
  • Reduced interface 
    • The toolbars to the top, including the address bar, a tiny bar are compressed to save space on the screen and display the web content to the fullest! 
    • To access the toolbars, just move the mouse to the top of the window, or press F6 to focus the address bar, and they will appear right before your eyes. 
    • A small mini-bar with your current location will appear whenever changing pages, or insert passwords, so always be sure where.

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"The Fox, Only Better", also supports Personas themes,
as you can see in the picture below.

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  • Developer
    • Quicksaver
  • Developer Website 
  • Email
  • Development status
    • Active
  • Lastest update
    • Version 1.0.10, on May 22, 2014
  • The Fox, Only Better download webpage