KDE team opened the wallpaper contest... Give it a try

KDE opened the competition for the top 3 wallpapers. 
The winners for this contest, will be integrated in next release of Plasma.

See how to submit your picture, in this post.

During the month of May you can try to be one of contemplated winners. If your design is the lucky one, you going to see your work be seen in millions of displays worldwide, and also you can win a prize, a copy book of  “Design Elements: a graphics style manual“.

The main purpose of this competition, is to find premium design and concept wallpaper, as it's a standard way for the KDE Desktop Environment. It's also mandatory, that the all submissions is under any of the CC-BY-SA 3.0, GPL v2 or GPL 3.

The submissions can be made in the DeviantArt website, in VisualDesignGroup, that will be maintained for all entries, but you must be registered on DeviantArt  to request to join the group.
For all that aren't registed on DeviantArt, can post their submissions in the KDE Forum, and after the submission the image will be re-posted in the VisualDesignGroup.

Good luck...

Where to Submit...