Manjaro 0.8.10 RC1 is available for download

Source: Manjaro

Manjaro team announced, that is available for download of the 0.8.10 RC1 ( release candidate ) Edition.

New design elements and improvements were implemented on this preview. 
See all about of this RC release.

In this edition they fixed and implemented the following enhancements and features:
  • A newer welcome screen with the new look, to help the user get started with Manjaro.
  • Some of the problems with Thus are fixed 
    • The problems on the Full disk encryption is fixed for another keyboard layout than English, 
    • Added a 1 MB offset for grub,
    • Install issue in Turkish locales got fixed
    • The MiB by default instead of mixing MiB and MB, 
    • Cairo coloring for check page got removed to fix dark themes in our Openbox Edition  
    • Several small fixes got added to this release of thus.
  • Manjaro now has a new lean elegant plymouth theme to match the new look

Source: Manjaro

To install RC release image for testing it on your hardware, just follow the bellow to download it.

Source: Manjaro Website 

  • Development status 
    • Active 
  • Latest Release 
    • 0.8.9 on February 23, 2014
  • Based
    • Arch 
  • Desktops environments 
    • Xfce 
    • Openbox 
    • KDE 
    • LXDE 
    • GNOME Shell 
    • Enlightenment 
    • MATE 
    • Cinnamon 
    • Fluxbox 
  • CPU's Architecture Support 
    • Standard PC 
      • 32-bit 
      • 64-bit 
  • License 
    • GNU GPL / various others 
  • Cost 
    • Free 

In case installing this distro, install at your own risk.
We disclaim any responsibility inherent to the same