Manjaro 0.8.10 XFCE Edition is available for testing

Manjaro team announced, that is available for download and testing  the public preview of 0.8.10 XFCE Edition.

New features and improvements were implemented on this preview. 
See all about of this testing release.

As announced, the Manjaro team is working hard on the next stable release ( 0.8.10 )  to make a even more complete, comprehensive and eye-candy distribution. Once more, they raised the bar even more by integrating the GTK 3.12 but without glitches or bugs on the Manjaro distributions.
With the integration of the new GTK a new world of themes and icons will be available for Manjaro, and in this release will be available a new, more intuitive and eye-candy theme for the user in the XFCE edition of Manjaro.
"One of the biggest challenges is to integrate GTK 3.12 into all our Manjaro Editions in a proper way. So we needed new themes. Thx to Rudy and the artwork team we created Menda. It is based on the great Ceti theme, we also enhanced for Manjaro"

Source: Manjaro

In this edition they fixed and implemented the following enhancements and features:
  • A newer welcome screen with the new look, to help the user get started with Manjaro.
  • Some of the problems with Thus are fixed 
    • The problems on the Full disk encryption is fixed for another keyboard layout than English, 
    • Added a 1 MB offset for grub,
    • Install issue in Turkish locales got fixed
    • The MiB by default instead of mixing MiB and MB, 
    • Cairo coloring for check page got removed to fix dark themes in our Openbox Edition  
    • Several small fixes got added to this release of thus.
  • Manjaro now has a new lean elegant plymouth theme to match the new look

Source: Manjaro

To install this new preview image for testing it on your hardware, just follow the link to download it, but we strongly advise you to install and test on a virtual machine, after all this is only a testing image.

Source: Manjaro Foruns

  • Development status
    • Active 
  • Latest Release
    • 0.8.9 on February 23, 2014;
  • Based
    • Arch
  • Desktops environments
    • Xfce
    • Openbox
    • KDE
    • LXDE
    • GNOME Shell
    • Enlightenment
    • MATE
    • Cinnamon
    • Fluxbox
  • CPU's Architecture Support
    • Standard PC
      • 32-bit
      • 64-bit
  • License
    • GNU GPL / various others
  • Cost
    • Free

In case installing this distro, install at your own risk.
We disclaim any responsibility inherent to the same