SolydXK Updated the ISO's images

SolydXK team announced the release of the new ISO's images,
with a new an updated pack of software.

See all about of this new update pack for Solyd.

As SolydXK team announced on their official website, they have made available a new ISO's images for the KDE and XFCE flavours, with new features.

Source: SolydXK Foruns

With the ISO's images it's no need to enable legacy BIOS on the laptop, beacause now it support EFI, however it's still need to disable Secure Boot.

In this new update the SolydyXK team fixed and updated the following features
  • In the home editions
    • KDE has been updated to version 4.12.4
    • Kernel updated to version 3.13-1
    • Firefox and Thunderbird
    • Firefox has been updated to version 29.0, and Thunderbird to version 24.5
    • Both KDE and XFCE flavours come with:
      • Locale Switcher to switch installed language packs.
      • Firefox comes with Adblock Plus.
      • Thunderbird comes with the Lightning Calendar, and more.
      • LibreOffice
      • LibreOffice has been updated to version 4.1.5-2.
      • Plymouth
      • The SolydXK Plymouth theme has been changed, and adapted accordingly.
  • In the Business editions
    • The business editions have been updated with the latest security updates
    • Firefox and Thunderbird
    • Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird have been updated to version 24.5
    • Both come with the same extensions as the home edition versions.
    • Plymouth
    • The SolydXK Plymouth theme has been changed, and the Plymouth Manager has been adapted accordingly.

Main Features

  • Development status
    • Active 
  • Latest Release
    • Update Pack 201405 on May 02, 2014
  • Based
    • Debian Testing
  • Desktops environments
    • KDE
    • Xfce
  • CPU's Architecture Support
    • Standard PC
      • 32-bit
      • 64-bit
  • License
    • GNU GPL / various others
  • Cost
    • Free
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