Digitallofice has released a new set of themes for Plank ... Digi and Swango


Today we are proud to present and share to the world,
two new themes for "Plank".

Digi and Swango

...::::   Updated on: October 07, 2015   ::::...

Digitallofice is proud to announce the release of two new great themes for Plank dock bar. Alfred F. our project team leader, has created two themes of soft tones and appealing design that integrates seamlessly to your desktop:

Click here to Download: 2014 Themes

Click here to Download: 2014 Themes

For those that are unfamiliar to Plank, it's a dock bar to enabling applications and manage windows, and was created and developed to be used on eOS ( elementary OS ). However it can be installed and used on several distro's based on Ubuntu, Debian and also Arch.

On your desktop, its look will be very similar to this... 

...according with the wallpaper

Digi - Plank theme
Swango - Plank Theme

We made a tutorial, showing how to add this and others themes into #Plank_dock... 
Follow this link to see all about it

We made a small tutorial video, showing how add new themes on Plank.
Please visit our channel on Youtube, to learn all about it.

Plank dock... How to add new themes -:- 1 minute tutorial

  • Design and Develop
    • Alfred F.
      • @PT_Alfred
  • Development status
    • Active
  • Lastest version
    • Version 0.1
  • Cost
    • Free

If you install this themes, install at your own risk. We disclaim any responsibility inherent to the same