How to... Change themes on Plank !

Today, we show how to change the  " Plank Dock" theme.

Until today, we have shown how to install Plank dock, and also add new themes in systems based on Ubuntu and Arch.
Today, we show how can change the theme of Plank for that one that you like.

Again, it's quite simple and easy to perform change of the theme, as you can see already following.

  • In elementary OS 
    • Open the configuration tool and in the "Tweaks" change to the theme that you like.

  • In other systems based on Ubuntu
Update Nov 19, 2014:  Now you can install a new available tool, Plank Settings. An simple, and eye-candy interface to manage Plank dock. Visit our newest article: How to... Install Plank Settings on Ubuntu
    • Open the terminal and place the following command line
$ sudo gedit ~ / .config/plank/dock1/settings
    • On line 22 ( Ln 22 ) change the name to the desired theme, and save right away
    • Restart or start the Plank
Note: " Gedit " its a text editor used in most Ubuntu distros, but if it isn't your main text editor, you can use the text editor available in your system, like "Mousepad" and " Kate ". Also,  you can install " Gedit ".
$ sudo apt-get install gedit

  • On systems based on Arch
    • Open the terminal, and install configuration tool "Plank Config"

$ Yaourt -S plank-config

    • Once installed, open the tool and change the theme you want

Source: Plank Website

  • Maintainer
    • “Docky Core” team
  • Development status
    • Active 
  • Supported Operating Systems 
    • Ubuntu based systems
      14.04 / 13.10 / 13.04 / 12.10 / 12.04 
    • Arch based systems
  • Latest Release
    • Ubuntu based systems
      • 0.6.1, on July 27, 2014
    • Arch based systems
      • 0.6.1, on July 27, 2014
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