13 August 2014

LXLE 14.04... Video Overview

Today we added into our Youtube channel,
an overview of another amazing Linux distribution...

An Lubuntu OS 100% remastered!

LXLE 14.04 it's a remake of a major distribution, and in this particular case it's based on Lubuntu OS, using as desktop environment the LXDE.
If you install this repsin of Lubuntu, you going to have access to about 100 wonderful wallpaper to use in the desktop environment.

This remastered distro, uses very few resources needed for a full system to operate, it only requires a Pentium III processor, 8Gb of free space on the hard-drive and only 512Mb of Ram. But, do not be fooled by its lightness, it comes with a full charge of pre installed software, from office productivity to video editing. You only need to install it and run it.

This presentation of LXLE 14.04, was made running on a live CD,
on a Laptop with a Intel Celeron 1.86Ghz processor, and with 2Gb of ram.
To watch the video, click on the Youtube link below
As always, feel free to comment this overview video, or share your experience with us of this great distro respin.

Source: LXLE Website

  • Development status
    • Active 
  • Respin Based On
    • Lubuntu / Ubuntu
  • Desktop environment
    • LXDE
  • Latest release
    • 14.04 -  on July 14, 2014
  • CPU's Architecture Support
    • Standard PC
      • 32-bit
        • 12.04 > 12.04.4
      • 64-bit
        • 12.04 > 12.04.4
        • 14.04
  • License
    • GNU GPL / various others
  • Cost
    • Free