6 September 2014

Manjaro launched an Update-Pack for 0.8.10 release

Manjaro launched is 9th Update-Pack for 0.8.10 release

With this update-pack Manjaro 0.8.10, get's the following features:
  • Budgie-Desktop 6 is available now on the repositories.
  • Kernel-series  linux312 and linux38 is updated for the last time.
    (Manjaro's team, recommend to update to a higher kernel-series, if you still using these kernels)
  • Octopi got some needed fixes.
  • Anew point-release for LibreOffice. 
  • Steam-native packages get some issues fixed.
  • Mozilla updated Firefox to version 32.0 and Thunderbird in Version 31.1, and some new features needed security fixes.
  • Systemd got updated to v216 and brings new features.

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