7 October 2014

Firefox Extensions... This week we secure our browsing!

This week we secure your browsing with...

" FlashDisable "

FlashDisable it's an extension for Mozilla Firefox, that blocks all Flash content from loading, on webpages that you are surfing.

Main Features
  • Enable and disable Flash with one click
  • Reload current page after activation of Flash
  • Disable Flash on startup of Firefox
  • Menu item in the legacy Tools menu

To install this extension, go to Add-Ons menu, and in the search bar write Flashdisable.
Then, click on the install button. The process will be quick and easy, and don't need to restart.

FlashDisable, was made for those who want getting rid of all the nasty resources being loaded by websites. This extension is also free from subscriptions, additional features, etc... it just block.

After install, in the Add-Ons menu it's possible to manage, disable,
and completely remove the FlashDisable extension.

Along the great feature of this extension, it's also very easy to use and manage, you can turn on/off at any time with the button on the navigation toolbar.

A button will appear on the toolbar, and in the preferences sub-menu,
you can manage all the options of FlashDisable.

FlashDisable Logo

  • Developer
    • Klemens Schölhorn
      • klemens@schoelhorn.eu
  • Development status
    • Active
  • Lastest update
    • Version 1.0.0, in July 24, 2014
  • License
    • GPL, V 3.0
  • Cost
    • Free