18 October 2014

Hello... The newest video chat service from Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Hello, a new service based on WebRTC with video calling technology. 

Firefox Hello, will give a new and innovative application tool for Firefox users, that makes easier the communication with your friends, family or even your business partner. With "Hello", will be possible to have video chat service, for those that might don't have the same video chat service, software or hardware as you.

So... How it works ? - Actually it's quite simple.

The communication process is initiated when a user sends a link to a friend. Then, Firefox Hello creates an encrypted connection between the browsers of users... and, that's it! 
... also this new service from Mozilla Firefox does not require a client or requires a user account. 
This feature will give all users, an anonymous chat service. - A great announcement for those that, privacy is an issue to take seriously!

Source: Mozilla Foundation

" Hello " it's available on Firefox Beta, and it's for all intrepid users that are anxious to try the extreme experience. With this, Mozilla is "looking forward to receiving your feedback on these new features, so we can get Firefox Hello ready to share with the world". 

One of the features of Hello, it's is capability to connect with anyone who has a WebRTC-enabled browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera and even Internet Explorer, Not forget to mention to be mobile-friendly.