Monday, 23 February 2015

Thumbnails bug... How to fix on Files/Nautilus

Last week, after upgrade Ubuntu 14.04LTS, Files stops showing the thumbnails.

In this article we show, how we fix this bug on Files.

We upgrade Ubuntu to the latest 14.04.2 version launched by Canonical, and after rebooting the system we found up that Files was no longer showing the thumbnails. This isn't the first time that we found this bug on a file manager,  and it's quite simple to fix.

This tutorial has video support in our Youtube channel, 
as a way to help accomplish the install of this application.

In only 1 Minute Tutorial, we show how to fix "Thumbnails bug"
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Thumbnails bug... How to fix

This is, how to fix:

  •  1st Step
    • Open Files, and go to the preferences
    • As shown in the image select " Show hidden and backup files 

  • 2nd Step
    • Open the file " .cache "

  • 3th Step
    • With the right button of your mouse click on the file  " thumbnails "
    • Select " Rename " 
    • Rename the file " thumbnails " to " ~thumbnails " 

  • 4th Step
    • Go again to the preferences
    • Unmark " Show hidden and backup files 
    • Exit from Files
    • Open an terminal, and write the following command:  nautilus -q ( this will restart Files )

And, that's it!
Open your file manager, and enjoy the image previews...

We hope that this publication has been useful.
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