16 February 2015

#! is dead - Long live #!++

Crunchbangplusplus it's here!
An Beta version is already available for download.

A couple of developers, Ben Young and Jimmer Overland, launched  a new distro based on #! Crunchbang  the  #!++ Crunchbangplusplus.
"... We are continuing the legacy with #!++. Same sleek crunch - new Jessie packages..." Source: crunchbangplusplus

As mention on the Crunchbangplusplus website, the main feauture is to keep it exactly the same but with a few tweaks for the UI, and include the new Jessie repos.
" When CrunchBang was started, it filled a gap where efficiency met beauty. Our plan is to keep it exactly there with a tastefully reskinned UI, updated dependencies, and more current packages... " Source: crunchbangplusplus

On 02/15/15, the team launched a Beta version in 32-Bit, but currently its based on Debian netinst, an internet connection will be required. The 64-Bit version will be available later this year ( in a few mounths ).

It seems, that the passion of the community of #! was too overwhelming, to just leave it to die and disappear into the darkness! - KUDOS for  @computermouth  and @overlandandseas

  • #!++ Webpage
    • http://crunchbangplusplus.org/
  • Developers team
    • Ben Young  @computermouth 
    • Jimmer Overland  @overlandandseas

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