1 March 2015

Poll Results for: Would you buy an Ubuntu Phone?

This is the results of the poll, launched on February, 15.

Would you buy an Ubuntu Phone?

This was the first time that we launched a poll, and we asked if our readers buy a Ubuntu Phone?

And, the poll results are:

Total Number of votes

Votes Distribution
  • Yes
    • 2 votes
  • No
    • 2 votes
  • Maybe
    • 2 votes

At the end, the number of votes are insufficient to make some kind of conclusion. But, it's clearly that Ubuntu Phone divided ours readers choice, and that already means something...

For this month ( March ), we are launching a new poll for our readers, and the question is:
What is, the best desktop environment for Linux OS?
Go to our main page, and feel free to vote... it's free!

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