4 April 2015

Behold, like a phoenix reborn... Solus Project

Like a phoenix reborn. Behold... the Solus project is alive.

The project has a second chance to affirm in the Linux world.

First of all, I must say that only the name Solus was reborn, the SolusOs distribution based on Debian, was not recovered.

All this, has originated from problems in the brand name or designation "Evolve", which already belonged to another entity, and that in turn, the team that developed the Linux system created from scratch, and known by the name "EvolveOS" was invited (so to speak) by an official entity (UK's Secretary of State office), to change its name.

Ikey Doherty ( +Ikey D ) the leader of the project (EvolveOS), was the developer who left, and discontinued the previous project (SolusOS) but still had possession of the name and designation, and also there's still a large community of this prior distribution. Thus, after the invitation to change their name, and have done some research the new name, the team has decided to adopt the Solus Project, as mentioned by Ikey Doherty in Google Plus:
"... We have Purchased solus-project.com and solus-project.net, Thus Evolve OS now be known will (once again) the Solus. The full name for the operating system component of the project (ie the Linux distro) Solus is Operating System - the Entirety of the project is the Solus Project."

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