2 April 2015

#! Crunchbang Linux spirit... TweakOS -:- UPDATED on 28 October, 2015

The Community driven passion of #!, alias Crunchbang -:- TweakOS
Image Source: TweakOS Website

...::: UPDATED: 28 October, 2015   :::...

In the forest when a tree is cut, or falls, creates a void that once was occupied by the same tree. However, provides an opportunity to grow and develop other trees for their place in the sun.
The same happens in the Linux community, reflected in the immense forest of distributions that Linux has to offer.

Image Source: TweakOS Website

Last February, Crunchbang #! announced the end of its development and has terminated its continuation as distribution, as announced in our article. However,  as a result, surfaced several new projects that have in common, they inherit a style, a spirit and come to continue a way of understanding and how to make a Openbox desktop-based.

One of then that surfaced from the community passion was Bunsen Labs Linux, and today we are looking to the community legacy of Crunchbang Linux spirit... TweakOS

Tweaklinux, is basically a compilation of ISO Debian Jessie NetInstall, and make their own scripts. There were introduced changes and improvements to this new distro (hopefully for the better). The most relevant examples, is the change of Slim by LightDM, Iceweasel by Chromium, Terminator by LXTerminal, NetworkManager for Wicd.

Image Source: TweakOS Website

There is also changes in the look and feel of this distro, both the default theme Waldorf and icons Faenza-Dark-CrunchBang, were replaced for the TweakLinux-Grey and nouveGnomeGray icons.

However, the CrunchBang is deeply present in this distro, will find its philosophy present in the workplace, and also in the organization of repositories and packages organization.

At this point there is three releases available, the full release " Colors ", the light amd minimal release " Dove " and the Unstale ( Sid ) version " RedBug ". The stable releases are available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and the " RedBug " release it's only available in 64-bit.

The passion of the community of #! was too overwhelming, to just leave it to die and disappear into the darkness!

TweakOS Info's

  • Latest versions ( September 11, 2015 )
    • Stable - Debian 8.2 (Jessie)
      •  Colors 1.2
        • 32-bit non-pae
        • 64-bit
    • Light Release - Debian 8.2 (Jessie)
      • Dove 1.2
        • 32-bit non-pae
        • 64-bit
    • RedBug - Unstable (Sid) version 
        • 64-bit
  • Platform 
    • Linux
  • Cost
    • Free / Nada / Gratis

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