16 April 2015

Deepin Screenshot V3.0, the best screenshot for Linux

Source: Deepin

Deepin Screenshot V3.0 is finally released today, and...

Solved almost all types of deficiencies found in Linux screenshots

Deepin Screenshot V3.0 is a fresh new screenshot tool, with a simple, but extremely efficient way to take shots on the Linux screen. It's probably, the best screenshot tools that you can get for Linux!

Source: Deepin

New kind of features are integrated on Deepin Screenshot, to give the user the absolute control.

With this tool, you will find:

  • Simpler interaction design
  • Fully optimized deleting, and editing functions
  • Intelligent state memory
  • Freely switching multiple accounts
  • Blurring effect achieved in one step
  • State distinction with real-time response
  • Mouse styles with distinction

Source: Deepin

The  Deepin Screenshot tool, it's available for deepin users can update Deepin Screenshot to the latest version in Deepin Store.

If, you have another base distro, you can get the Deepin Screenshot source via GitHub

Source: Deepin

Deepin, uses Deepin Desktop Environment developed based on HTML5 technology by default, with Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, Deepin Store and other Deepin system software. It can meet the users’ daily entertainment and office needs. Since it was developed, deepin system has been actively participated in by deepin community and the relevant international communities. deepin community sets "Freedom, Openness, Sharing, Collaboration" as the community guidelines.

    Deepin Info's
    • Developer
      • Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.,Ltd
    • Website
      • http://deepin.org/
    • Default user interface
      • Deepin Desktop Environment
    • Latest version (until date)
      • Deepin 2014.2
    • License
      • Mostly GPL, and others

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