26 May 2015

Firefox Extensions -:- Today we are changing the look!

With this extension, you going to have an extra pixels, to enjoy!

Today we are going to change the look of Firefox, and for that, we are going to add... 

HTitle Extension

This image was taken, on a " XFCE Desktop Environment "

So, what is HTitle?  - In a simple way, it's a extension that hides the title bar if the window is maximized.
This extension was originally created for Gnome, but you can be install on other desktops environments.

HTitle on " Mozilla Addsons " for " Firefox "

The usage is very simple, and to enable HTitle you only need to download from " Mozilla Addons " and install it.

Preview of the installation for HTitle Extension

My Experience, with this extension!

       I use HTitle for a quite while, and I only can say that is great!  - For those that already had, or experience with this extension, I know what is your first comment!

 It gives the look & feel of Chromium/Chrome!

Yes, it can give a some kind of Chromium/Chrome look, but I also know that gives me an extra pixels for " Firefox ", and that is what the maters... and the look, it's also great!

Comparison between " Firefox " and " Chromium "

There is a question of compatibility with the desktop environments. I had tried HTitle in almost every desktops, and in only two of then that I don't recommend the installation of  this extension... " Unity " and " KDE ". 

HTitle don't work in these two desktop environment, for two different reasons:

  • " Unity Desktop Environment " - Basically, you don't need to install in Unity, because by default it already hide's the title bar.
  • " KDE, Desktop Environment " - In this environment, HTitle simply don't work, and causes crashes to Firefox if you added this extension... like I'd unfortunately added!

And, that's it!
Give it a try, and enjoy it!

HTitle Info's
  • Latest version (until date)
    • 3.4
  • LIcense 
    • Mozilla Public License, version 2.0
  • Firefox Compatibility 
    • Firefox 29 and later

If you install this extension, install at your own risk. We disclaim any responsibility inherent to the same.

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