9 May 2015

Manjaro's Setting up printer(s) - " Error: Success "

Last week, I installed Manjaro OS in one of my machines,
and when I was to set up the printer, the system gave me the follow message:

I quote
"Add Printer HPXXXX_series Error
Unable to get list of printer drivers: Success"

This post, show's how I fixed this bug on my machine.

First of all, if you have Linux distribution installed on your machine, the best way to try solve any kind of issues, is to search in the respective distro's forum. They have the best way to help you, in your specific issue. - But, you must have some patience to find it!!!  - This is a simple advise to all distributions.

       After the install, and made the updating of Manjaro 0.8.12 on my Laptop, I tried to set up the printer on my system using the desktop interface, but as already mentioned, every time I tried ( three times ) the result was always the same. I tried one more time on the terminal, and unfortunately the result was again the same.

However for me, it's essential having the printer working properly on the laptop, so, I searched on the Manjaro's forum a similar problem, to help me fix this annoying bug.
After a while, with a little patience I found a post with similar problem, but with a different printer brand, and in only three simple steps, I fixed the printer issue, and is working fine until date. Link here!

This is how I fixed
Open a terminal, and copy and paste the command lines, one by one.
  •  1st Step
    • Remove the printer if you already have it installed
    • Install or re-install, manjaro-printer
      • sudo pacman -S manjaro-printer
  • 2nd Step
    • Draw some dependencies with it
    • Remove these three packages
      • sudo pacman -R foomatic-db foomatic-db-nonfree manjaro-printer
  • 3th Step
    • Install, or re-install Cups
      • sudo pacman -S cups 

And, that's it!
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