3 June 2015

How to gain more space for Chrome/Chromium Bookmarks bar !

This time we show how to gain more space for your Bookmarks bar, displaying only icons!

Bookmarks are an interesting tool, because they work as a note reminder for websites that we usually visit/work, and it's always from a click distance away! 

Image from: " Chromium Web Browser ", on " Xubuntu 15.04 " !

Unfortunately there is a question of space, because there will be more and more favorite sites, than space on the Chromium/Chrome Bookmarks bar.

In this article, we are going to show, that if you reduce your bookmarks to icons only, you going to get access to more space on your Bookmarks bar, consequently more Bookmarks... and gives a cool look too!

" How can I do it? "

First, if you like a website and you think that is worth to go to you Bookmarks bar, here's how to...

  • On the navigation bar, click in the star Bookmark.

  • In the " Name " bar, simply remove the website name, and click " Finished ".

  • ...and that's it ! -  Simple, right !

Ok, but I already have a bunch of Bookmarks? "

No problem, just follow this procedure...

  • 1 - On the Bookmarks bar, click with the right mousse button. Them, click on the " Bookmark manager ".

  • 2 - Select the website Bookmark.

  • 3 - In the end of the selected Bookmark, click on the down arrow. Them, click " Edit... ".

  • 4 - Now, it's going to appear the Bookmark edition.

  • 5 - In the " Name " section, just erase the website name, and press the " Enter " key.

  • ...and that's it ! -  Again,  it's quite simple !

   If, you have several Bookmaks, you have to repeat  procedure 2 , 3, 4 and 5,  one by one!   

I hope that this " tip & triks " has been useful.!
Give it a try, and enjoy it!

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We hope that this publication has been useful.
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