22 September 2015

Poll Results of August - September

The poll results made by +Digitallofice, from August 20 to September 21.

This time we asked our readers, what was the best lightweight desktop environment,  that gives a better user friendly experience.

Total Number of votes
  • 12
Votes Distribution
  • XFCE
    • 6 votes
  • LXDE
    • 2 votes
  • Openbox
    • 2 votes
  • Pantheon
    • 2 votes


At the end, the number of votes are insufficient to make some kind of conclusion. But, it's clearly that XFCE its the most voted, followed by LXDE, Openbox and Pantheon. Although there were more options, its obvious that XFCE is best known and gives a friendly experience for the most common user.

Should be noted, that there was also two more options to choose from, LXQT and Budgie. It's reasonable, that has these desktop environments are quite new ( both, still are on development ), and there aren't to many Linux Distros available out there, with these new cutting edge desktops.

For next months ( October, November and December ), we are launching a new poll for our readers, and main question is:

Who wins the Gold Medal for: The Best 2015 Linux distribution

The results will be released on December 31, and available for all our readers.

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