28 October 2015

Survive The Unknown -:- The game developed on Linux for Linux

" Survive The Unknown " a game for Linux
Image Source: Survive The Unknown "

" Survive The Unknown
You're a soldier of the United World Army, bringing a payload across the sea when you get shot down. You need to survive whilst scavenging for parts to get yourself rescued!" Source: Survive The Unknown "

This is a game developed on Ubuntu 15.10 with the experimental Linux build of Unity3D, in the end it's a game made on Linux for Linux.
If you are expecting a high quality, hi-end graphics, you are going to be disappoint because, this is only in early development and made in only a week. So, you can expect bugs and other peculiarities, whether arising from mistakes or from bugs within this Unity build (lighting can be problematic).

To find out more and, to download just follow the link:

Watch the video:

 " Survive The Unknown " Info's
  • ubuntuforums.org
    • alias: myromance123
  • Platform 
    • Linux
  • Cost
    • Free / GrĂ¡tis / Nada / Gratuito

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